An Insight into Enterprise Monitoring MySQL Service

The need for a larger database is increasing every day. In fact, we moved data to cloud for better scalability, expansion and performance. MySQL is one such database service, which can successfully expand in cloud. With several products and its editions, My SQL has successfully secured its position as world's most popular open source database.

MySQL service is reliable, offers better performance and is among the fastest growing organizations including Facebook, Google, Adobe, and so on. MySQL services save time and money powering high-volume websites, mission-critical systems, business solutions and various packaged software. The fact that MySQL services run on 20 platforms makes it a unique and independent database management system among all.

It offers advanced and comprehensive database tools, support, training and consulting services to create a single-stop solution for all the database needs. MySQL introduced cluster views giving a real-time access to a whole host of information that allows monitoring and tweaking the database in a clustered environment. This article focuses on MySQL Enterprise Monitor and what it has to offer.

MySQL Services, such as MySQL Enterprise Monitor, is an enterprise monitoring system to keep an eye on the MySQL servers. It notifies of potential issues and advices on how to fix those issues. MySQL service is capable of monitoring all kinds of configuration from a single server, which is significant for the business. MySQL services offer a virtual DBA assistant to recommend best practices to eliminate security vulnerabilities and other issues.

The main purpose of applying Enterprise monitoring MySQL service is to significantly improve the productivity of developers, DBAs and system administrators. This monitoring tool is a boon, helping balance the world load and predicting the future resource requirement. It is designed to monitor one or more servers.

There is an agent process assigned to each server to be monitored. Agent collects the data pertaining to server's health, issues, status, variables, etc. and sends it Enterprise service manager. The server collates all the information from the agent. When memory is about to get full, the system triggers an event notifying a potential issue.

We can view the collected data and interact through an interface or any web browser. Graphs represent the collected statistical and query information. Graphs clearly indicate the problem areas and its effects on the system. It helps diagnose and mark the potential problems from a specific period of time, improving strategic decisions. Benefits of Enterprise monitor MySQL services are as follows:
  • Provides consolidated view into the health of the database
  • Allows monitoring more than 600 MySQL service variables
  • Allows monitoring through graphical representation. Monitor sessions, connections, replication and more.
  • Includes MySQL Query Analyzer to improve application performance.
  • Provides customization option to choose from the monitor category.
  • Offers notification before the issue becomes critical. Creates threshold events.
  • Saves time as it offers solutions to potential problems.
  • Offers a collect and package option to quickly resolve potential issues.
  • New version offers cluster graphs and Advisor providing real-time cluster data nodes monitoring.

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