DBA Services Required: Cloud Won't Gobble-Up DBA Jobs

For embracing the revolutionary cloud computing, we should realize the importance of cloud computing for the betterment of our business. Given the future importance of cloud, it is interesting to find out about DBA services in the cloud environment. As database technologies—such as Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL—approach cloud, many DBA service providers look forward to upgrade their skills to provide services on cloud, changing the way of delivering DBA services.

Unlike the initial phase, cloud provides secure services. When enrolling for cloud services, the burden remained on the customer to demand a proof of good ITIL processes and secure infrastructure configuration and operations. Customers having no knowledge about cloud or virtualization were in trouble. DBA services now implement to make sure that the sensitive data is under careful scrutiny to prevent inherent loss, and increase cloud reliability encouraging more consumers to adopt cloud for their database scalability.

Does the database migration over cloud mean we do not need DBAs anymore? We do. Despite of big banners on websites that read "No need of administering and maintaining databases", we need DBA services to prevent our databases from surprise crashes, performance tuning and various other activities. In fact, cloud service providers—even big names such as Microsoft and Amazon—provide only infrastructure to run computing cycles. They do not provide DBA service pertaining to reducing CPU cycles or tuning the database for better and faster performance.

However, cloud will certainly impact the DBA services to some extent. DBAs were well in demand earlier, but cloud would cut down the DBA jobs as they will have to manage the cost cutting on bills, which corporate gets on a monthly basis for the database server. In a similar fashion, the absence of a DBA will lead to high expenditure on the CPU cycles and data storage. This means that there will be a change in the way DBAs used to function. Their role will change to those of the cost cutters, who would help minimize the monthly bill from the service provider.

To address DBAs' fear, cloud service is not outsourcing. Outsourcing being a global term, we are aware that outsourcing certain service means a third-party would take up the system and its entire management. However, the IaaS model of cloud computing allows a company to, effectively, rent IT systems located in a cloud provider's data center. Therefore, unlike outsourcing, there is no transfer of responsibilities or DBA services.

In conclusion, cloud computing won't gobble-up DBA's job. It would need DBA service in a new form. Apart from the skills that traditional DBAs possessed, DBA services need to include more skills—pertaining to cloud—in their portfolio. DBA service providers require new skills such as improving NOSQL database usage and skills, capacity planning in terms of on-demand usage cost, Multi-tenancy and data partitioning on Cloud, new tools and concepts behind monitoring a Cloud Database, and data in and out, between cloud and data centers, techniques. Cloud is a technology to safe-guard the databases at minimum costs. It also encourages database expansion to no limits.

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