Does Oracle Intend to Push MySQL as Windows Service

Till the time MySQL was with Sun Microsystems, it powered many of the world's largest web solutions. It saved time, cost and involved the support of some of the largest programmers in the world. Many high-end websites, critical business systems and package software work best with MySQL. Industry leaders such as Yahoo!, Nokia, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. adopted MySQL to power their businesses. MySQL Window service was never an issue as Linux platforms mainly used it.

Including several editions, a flagship offered by MySQL was its Enterprise version package. The package included monitoring tools, premium support services, robust enterprise application and affordable subscription. Affordability and robustness were the main purposes for using MySQL services. It formed an integral part of LAMP, the fastest growing software stack. It worked as an alternative for many companies, which did not want expensive proprietary solutions.

The fact says that Oracle took over Sun Microsystems. MySQL was a product from Sun. Therefore, once the world's most popular open source database software is now under Oracle, one of the MySQL rivals. With its current actions, Oracle seems to destroy MySQL's open source nature and commercialize it. Recently adding three new commercial extensions to MySQL, Oracle caused an outcry among MySQL community members.

Enterprises using MySQL refuse to give in to the licensing terms with Oracle and moves away to alternative releases. Moving from MySQL's "open core" nature to commercially licensed code will make users difficult to stick around with Oracle. SkySQL, only a year old firm, reported business growth due to the massive changes in MySQL. Its CEO, reportedly, said that Oracle can't justify the drastic hike in the prices of a same product.

As MySQL Enterprise is the ultimate edition, a new thread pooling capability is added to it. Oracle says that the new extension will act as a significant performance and scalability booster for applications that serve a high number of concurrent users. MySQL Enterprise edition now also includes Oracle VM template for quickly deploying databases and support for Windows server failover clustering, which acts as one of the MySQL Windows service component. With these changes and some tweaks, MySQL Enterprise's subscription rate is highly increased to US $5000 per year, per server.

This week, Oracle announced a new installer for MySQL, which clearly demonstrates Oracle's desire to extend MySQL for Windows and compete with its Windows-based rival, SQL Server. The new installer will accelerate deployments. It intends to provide users with a simple, visual installer that can get the system up and running within 5 minutes, which means one-third of the total time it took previously.

The new Windows installer is a graphical and point-and-click oriented, which eliminates the old Linux practice of installing through a command line. Fortunately, the MySQL Window services installer is an open source as well, licensed under GPL and available for download on MySQL site. After acquisition, Oracle made drastic changes to MySQL many a times. The installer was built from the scratch, which indicates Oracle's intention of becoming a major MySQL Window service provider. Oracle is concentrating on completely transforming MySQL to a commercial database. It is specifically leaned on becoming a convenient MySQL Windows service provider as its rival SQL Server.

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