Monitoring SQL Services with Out-of-the-Box Microsoft Tools

It is necessary to draw the right conclusion for database to function as needed. Similarly, monitoring SQL Service is imperative for drawing a conclusion regarding your database performance. SQL Server monitoring service offers advanced database monitoring tools to maintain the database proactively. It also helps support production and SLAs, and keeps track of database performance, eliminating database failures.

SQL Server databases are chosen, more than ever, as a backend for critical business applications. This means more users get affected on a daily basis in case of system down or system failure. If you have the right monitoring tools in place, your system can tell you how it feels much before any critical phase. The tool sends an alarm and can track the potential problem even before they reach the end-users.

An effective SQL Server monitoring service can help reduce database failures and increase the reliability of the system and DBAs. Although SQL Server doesn't have a monitoring tool as a good as Oracle, SQL Server 2008 R2 Monitor hosts modules to perform monitoring services. The SQL Server Monitor modules include Replication Monitor and Database Mirroring Monitor. Database market offers several monitoring tools SQL Server-Microsoft's most popular database system forming rivalry with Oracle and MySQL.

Monitoring tools are of a primary help to DBAs. Constant health checks using these tools can avoid grave database problems; ease the server maintenance; ensure high availability of database; Keep tab on the database size, buffer cache size and database connection time; analyze the number of user connections to the database at various times; analyze usage trends; and much more. Without emphasizing much on the fancy third party tools, this article intends to inform audiences about various Microsoft out-of-the-box tools such as Performance monitor.

Performance Monitor tool (also called as Perfmon) is, generally, shipped with Windows. It acquires a potential to collect the data automatically during the scenario run, once its counters are configured. Perfmon provides current and accurate information on thousands of different attributes of the network and can work for WLAN performance monitoring.

If you wish to use the latest SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel data warehouse appliances, SQL Server offers System Center Monitoring Pack. This pack provides capabilities to discover monitor and manage your SQL Server PDW appliances. This monitoring pack is specially designed for the modern database monitoring requirements. It provides service beyond the conventional tool. In addition to health monitoring capabilities, this management pack includes dashboard view. Also, it allows integrating the monitoring of SQL Server components into the service-oriented monitoring scenarios.

Advanced SQL Server monitoring service also monitors cluster databases identifying its nuances. Most large organizations struggle to assemble their information, making it virtually impossible to protect the information. SQL Server monitoring services usually leverages some form of the auditing capabilities packaged with the database. However, these measures have become insufficient now; and the new measures, which are more policy-driven, selective, scalable and manageable across the heterogeneous data environments, exist today. It is imperative for organizations that need to protect personal or confidential data to build a monitoring framework that extends beyond the network layer.

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