MySQL Enterprise: A Comprehensive Solution for Real-Time Performance

MySQL is one of the most popular, open source database technologies. Owning a wide community of developers, MySQL stays up-to-date with new bug fixes and technical upgradation. After the launch of its community database software, MySQL took a bit more serious step towards enterprise, launching its MySQL Enterprise service. This service is a more serious version than its free community version, available under GPL (General Public License). MySQL Enterprise is a comprehensive offering of MySQL database software, MySQL Enterprise server, services and support to ensure that the businesses achieve the highest levels of reliability, scalability and quality uptime.

MySQL Enterprise Server is MySQL's commercial version for businesses. It helps to standardize on the most up to date and secure version of MySQL. In this article, we'll take a look at MySQL Enterprise, which comprises of MySQL Enterprise server components such as Database, which ensures the highest level of quality with regular updates and quarterly service packs; monitoring with a distributed web application deployed within the safety of the consumer firewall. Monitor provides a consolidated view into the health, performance and availability of MySQL servers; Support, which provides 24x7 technical assistance from MySQL engineers.

MySQL Enterprise edition is a transaction-safe, ACID compliant database, which includes full commit, rollback, crash recovery and row level locking capabilities. It also supports very large databases and improves their performance with the help of database partitioning. As mentioned earlier, MySQL technology always stays up-to-date in competition with technical advancement. MySQL recently added Backup and Workbench tools to its MySQL Enterprise edition.

Why do we need MySQL Enterprise backup, enterprise monitor and workbench tools under an enterprise edition? To explain this further, let us take a look at each of the above components in the enterprise perspective.

MySQL Backup tools: Data is an integral component for any business, and database crashes are a common scenario within most of the organizations. Data backup is also a common practice; however, MySQL database back-up is a bit advanced tool that enables DBAs to relax while the tool performs a careful scrutiny and backs up the data, periodically. This back-up tool performs online and non-blocking backups of intended MySQL databases. Full backups can be performed on all InnoDB data, while MySQL is online, without interrupting queries or updates. The backup tool supports other features such as Restore and Compression.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor: MySQL Enterprise monitor continuously monitors the databases and alerts DBAs to potential problems before they impact your system. It's like having a virtual DBA assistant.

MySQL Workbench tools: Workbench tools came in existence for database architects, developers and DBAs. It eases the task of data modeling, SQL development, MySQL Enterprise server configuration, user administration and more, within an organization. It is a unified visual tool for creating, executing, and optimizing SQL queries; managing data connections; configuring servers, administering users, and viewing database health; etc.

In conclusion, MySQL Enterprise is a complete solution for an enterprises' need. It offers comprehensive solutions reducing an overall database expenditure.

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