PHP and MySQL Web Development: A Common Combination with Rare Features

To ease the task, man invented computers. Then, he created computer programs, which evolved from time to time involving new languages and helped performing larger tasks. Soon, he realized a need for connective world and developed World Wide Web, which is synonymous to Internet. Creation of the web gave birth to an idea allowing applications or programs to run on the web rather than occupying computer memories. Today, we live in the world of web applications accessible from anywhere, if we have Internet connectivity. Devices became small, Smartphones and Tablets, and optimized programs helped create a new generation application.

So, what's the common web development practice followed today? PHP and MySQL Development is the best practice without engaging in huge expenditure. As Linux built global trust in open source systems, PHP and MySQL web development took over the open source market. In this article, we will begin with the basic explanation of PHP and MySQL, why they are together, and many advantages that this technology brings forward.

Explaining Concepts

PHP is a server-side scripting language defined specifically for the web. Within an HTML Page, users can embed PHP code that is executed each time the user visits the page. The PHP code interprets at the web server and generates HTML or other output that the visitor will see. Conceived in 1994, PHP went through major enhancements via its huge developer community. Its new version has improvements such as an inclusion of GD graphic, Apache 2 support, Out of beta PEAR with user-friendly installer, and more.

Coming to MySQL, it's the most popular open source database technology widely used by millions of users across the globe. Since the launch of its MySQL version, enterprises widely use it. It is the most apt version satisfying today's enterprises' demands. MySQL Development is fast and robust. MySQL is a relational database management system. It is popular due to its high security maintenance, ability to ensure authorized access and potential to ensure that multiple users can work on it concurrently. It is a multi-user and multi-threaded server.

Favorable PHP and MySQL Development

The simple reason would be to say that both of them are open source technologies. They both are available under GPL (General Public License). Therefore, they tremendously reduce the cost of web application development. However, when building web solutions, they are many products we see such as hardware for the web server, an operating system, web server software, a database management system and the programming language. Some of these choices are dependent on one another; which means, not all operating systems will run on all hardware, not all scripting languages can connect to all databases, and so on. PHP is a powerful language with versatile features, and MySQL development accepts PHP connection easily, making the PHP and MySQL web development combination unique and capable of creating versatile MySQL web development.

There are strengths to MySQL development. While it is freely available under the GPL, MySQL is a high performing database that incurs lower cost under a commercial license. It is a modern database that frees us from the trouble to adapt. It is easy to use under Unix and Windows systems. We can obtain and modify the source code used for the MySQL development giving user full authority to the code. PHP and MySQL development is a proficient way of web application development.

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