SQL Reporting Services: Ad-hoc reporting with Rich Visualization

For smart decisions, smart reporting tools are of utmost importance. Interactive reports and graphical analysis is the key for better strategic management. Various Business Intelligence tools are available for generating effective reports. For example, FRx is a smart reporting tool that helps generate several financial reports such as Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statement. Other tools offer easy-to-access data in list form that is quickly exported to Excel.

If you need fairly advanced and complex tools including sub-totaling, integrating specific formats and beyond-the-basic needs, then you need the masters. The masters of complex reporting are Crystal reports and SQL reporting services. Crystal report has been around since a long time and is a foolproof technology with complete reporting features. It includes the most powerful reporting features of all and is extremely secured. It doesn't allow end-users to modify the data. The data is extracted or exported in various formats such as PDF, HTML, XML and more, using Crystal reports.

It is important to know that Microsoft SQL reporting services are gaining over Crystal in many ways. If you commit to enhance performance, you must adopt the latest reporting environment. Unless you are looking for extra licenses for your report development users, SQL report service comes with Microsoft SQL Server database eliminating the need to pay extra licensing cost. Moreover, corporate believes that the trend would accelerate as SSRS is a Microsoft technology. SQL report service is an enterprise-level reporting solution with features to create, schedule, publish, and manage a multitude of reports from various data sources.

SQL reporting services support ad-hoc reporting and allow users to interact with Report Server web service directly or uses Report Manager that interfaces with Report web service. In terms of security, SQL report service provides nothing less than Crystal. Role-based security and its assignment on an individual item protects from any kind of data manipulation or theft. SQL reporting services are scalable as needed. They also streamline collaboration and management. SSRS applies rich visualization including charts, gauges, indicators, and so on.

SSRS allows access to data or reports from anywhere across the organization. It connects to new SQL data sources such as Parallel Data Warehouse and Microsoft SQL Azure. Its reports are defined in Report Definition Language (RDL) and XML. Although SQL report service requires the tits and bits of Microsoft Visual Studio, it's simple to learn and start using. SQL reporting services is a great platform for spontaneous reporting as it includes plenty of better features over Crystal reports.

Businesses are leaning more towards SSRS than any other reporting tool. SSRS leverages existing investment in hardware, software and other applications. It lowers the total cost of ownership. SQL reporting services are reliable and SOX compliance. Automating business processes, it saves time and cost. With amazing aspects of SSRS report designer tool, I feel it's time for all companies and users to show commitment towards learning SQL reporting services for better business growth.

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